Membership Information

We require no separate membership fee. However, we require that conference attendees perform a function for the benefit of the claims professional and the insurance industry. While we welcome in-house counsel and outside defense counsel, we do not welcome counsel, experts or consultants who serve primarily those interests that do not further the advancement of the insurance industry and the professional development of those who serve it.

We reserve the right to restrict attendance at this program as attendance by claims professionals and those who assist them in carrying out their responsibilities is our target audience.

Claims Professionals

of all levels

Senior & Middle Claims Managers

Legal Staff & Legal Counsel

(as described above)

Insurance Fraud Investigators

Certified Fraud Investigators, Accredited Healthcare Fraud Investigators, Other Government Agencies

Why Attend?

ECC is the conference that provides tools to stay focused on the goal of serving our claimants, keeping abreast of the latest issues that influence our business, and achieve extraordinary networking opportunities.